Nursery theme for boys

Since we found out the exciting news that we are having a baby boy, I have been dreaming up what I want his nursery to be like. I start with gathering inspiration and make a pinterest board of all my ideas for some nursery decor. The nursery needs a theme to make the room feel considered and cohesive. Decorating a nursery can be difficult, because if you really want it to look cute, you are going to have to spend a little money to get the look you want. But, I really think that a nursery room is so fun to decorate and since you will spend so much time in there, you will want to create a place where you enjoy and won’t get bored of. Plus you will want to have some pieces that are timeless, so when your baby is older, it can transition to a toddler room, and eventually a teen room.

When decorating a nursery, I love sticking with white and neutrals for the furniture but adding in different textures and pops of color with pillows, rugs, and artwork.  I put together this Nursery theme for boys board of my current favorites and look I want to go for. I have had my eye on some of these pieces for a long time now. Restoration Hardware and Potter Barn have some great options for cribs and nursery décor. These animal paintings are especially my favorite and I really want to hang 4 or 6 of them on the wall above the changing table.  I also love having the walls to be fun and different. Since I did wallpaper in Capri's nursery, I wanted to do something fun for him and have always wanted to have a wood paneled wall.  The wood gives the room some texture and adds a great vibe that can stay in place for when he grows older. The company Stikwood offers an easy way to have a reclaimed wood look, without having to hire a contractor to board up some wood in the wall. You just peel of the tape and stick it to the wall. So I’m planning the wood wall as an accent behind the crib and then hanging the animal heads above the crib.

I'd love to have these sconces on each side of the changing table and an industrial barn pendant hanging down in the center of the room. Lights that can be dimmed are a must! Bright lights turned on and off might startle your baby when trying to put him to sleep

 After decorating a nursery for Capri, I realized that having toy baskets are necessary for keeping a clean room. After Capri plays with her toys, she needs an easy way to put them away. Having some nice looking baskets will help with keeping a clean room and keeping your sanity!

 Let me know what you think of this nursery board and I hope this gives you some great nursery room design ideas!

nursery design board

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