Grown Up Little Girls Room

Now that our little Capri is a two year old and growing up way too fast, I've been thinking about how I'll change her room design once we move her into a twin bed.  Most of her furniture will stay in the nursery for her little brother so she'll get a grown-up big girl room.  I want something that will grow with her and look timeless as she gets older.  I am always drawn to whites and neutrals so that's usually what I base a room around but I can't resist adding some wallpaper into her next room since it has been the main focal point in her nursery.  I love the new collection that Caitlin Wilson Design just came out with so I think this flower print would be perfect to cover just one wall behind the bed and then pull some of those colors out throughout the design in the rest of the room like the bedding and accent pillows on a lounge chair.  I'll probably add some doll furniture in here for her bitty baby doll and some photographs, but this is the base of the design that I'm dreaming up for her.  Hope it helps with a little inspiration for a lucky lady in your life.