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Green Power Smoothie

Green Power Smoothie

Ever since January, we have been drinking green smoothies at our house on the regular in my husbands attempt at trying to get in as many greens as he can.  I love it because he has perfected his recipe to be super delicious and it tastes so refreshing that you start to crave them rather than feeling like you have to choke them down.  Our little girl will even try to steal all of mine so that tells you it must be pretty tasty.  I wanted to share the recipe with you guys since we've been loving them.

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Makes 4 servings


1 head romaine lettuce

large handful of spinach

1 cucumber

1 large stick celery

1 large green apple

2 peeled lemons 

2-3 Tsp Crystal Light lemonade 

1 cup water

2-3 cups ice


Blend romaine lettuce and 1 cup water until pureed, then add spinach and blend to pureed. Slice cucumber, celery and apples, and add to the smoothie a little bit at a time, blending in between. Add lemons and crystal light, and blend on high for 1 minute. The more it blends, the less pulp.  Add ice and blend again on high for 1 minute. Pour into glasses and drink with a straw. 

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