Learning with Dell

With a little toddler, sometimes I am finding it hard to not have them resort to watching shows whenever we're home since it's so easy for them to get the iPad and put on what they want.  So I've been trying to find some good educational outlets for Capri to learn instead and there are a few that she really likes like ABCmouse.  And recently we've been using the new Dell computer that is an Intel all-in-one PC with a giant screen big enough to watch movies and here's the best part, it is a touch-screen as well!  How crazy is that?!  It's perfect for our little girl who is growing up in a world where she thinks every screen is touchable, so she can play her ABC Mouse learning games and touch through the program which is a lot easier for her than dealing with a mouse.  And of course she wants to do everything herself these days so it helps that she doesn't need my help to touch the screen and navigate for her.  For me, I love using such a huge screen to edit photos and work on my website and I usually go back and forth between touching capability and the mouse, which I love how you can do that.  It's definitely been a great addition for our family whether it's to help gather photos to put some books together or helping our littles learn their alphabet, we've loved getting to experience this all-in-one.  

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