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Preparing for Baby to Arrive

Preparing for Baby to Arrive

In a couple of days we will be exactly a month away from my due date and it's making everything seem real all of a sudden that our baby could be arriving so soon!  I have been getting that nesting bug to get everything ready and the urge to make my entire house clean and organized.  Since the baby will be in our bedroom for the first little bit I got the baby bassinet out and the bedding all washed.  Then I started going through all of the baby clothes I have and figured out what I still need to get for this little guy and what I should start packing in my hospital bag.  I've been recording all of my thoughts about this pregnancy in my babies promptly journal and making sure all of my ultra sound and pregnancy photos are in there.  It feels different than with my first baby when I had her whole nursery all completed at this point with clothes all washed and hung in the closet and every detail taken care of.  I guess because you feel like you have most of the stuff that you don't realize everything you need to get together until now so I'm getting the carseat and everything else that we need.  But even though he will be my second boy, I think it's important to make each baby feel unique and special so I want him to have some of his own things and new items that are just for him and not handed down from his brother.  It makes it fun for me too to make things fresh and new like having his own blanket that is embroidered with his name - just like his other siblings had and a new diaper bag to start off this time with a new baby.  The only part that is tricky for us to plan with this baby, as with all of them is when to have family come into town to help with the baby being born and take care of our other two kids.  Both of my other kids ironically were born the day before their due dates so I'm not sure if this guy will follow in their footsteps or surprise us another time.  Let's hope my mom will be able to jump on a flight at a moments notice! 

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1 |   ARRANGE HOSPITAL TOUR & REGISTRATION  [if you are delivering at your hospital for the first time it's a great idea to get a tour of the maternity wing so you know exactly where to go when you make it to the hospital for delivery - including where to park your car or if there's valet.  This is also a good time to take any classes for birthing or breastfeeding.  And while you're at the hospital make sure to register so you don't have to worry about any paperwork when you arrive to have your baby]

2 |   SCHEDULE PEDIATRICIAN  [you will need to have a pediatrician at the hospital to check the new baby so make sure you have contacted a new one or that your current doctor is available and your OB has their info.  You can also start to plan those first doctor visits that will be the weeks after your baby is born.  And another tip is to get your new baby on your insurance because they will bill you and the baby separately for care in the hospital and they have to be added to your insurance prior to the birth for the insurance to cover them.]

3 |   PAMPER YOURSELF  [this is the time to get yourself ready for your babies arrival and I feel like it's pretty hard to get out for appointments with a newborn so it's a good time to get it all done.  Make a hair appointment, get a prenatal massage, get a mani and pedi so your nails will be looking great for all of those newborn photos, and whatever else you want to get done to make yourself feel good when you are mostly feeling large and uncomfortably pregnant at this point.  It's also a good time to enjoy some relaxing bathtubs and finish up those pregnancy/parenting books that you started reading.] 

4 |  SCHEDULE PHOTOGRAPHER  [think ahead about who you want to be in charge of taking photos for you at the hospital because you and your husband will not want to worry about that as you are taking in the birth of your child.  Plan your newborn photos about a week after you get home and maybe plan out what to wear so you don't have to worry about it later.  This is also a great time to think about a baby announcement so you can have those ready to go when the baby is born.]

5 |   SEND OUT THANK YOU NOTES  [from showers and baby gifts it's great to have a stack of thank you cards on hand so you can get them out quickly before they add up.  It's also a great idea for when people come to visit after the baby arrives or if someone brings you meals then you have some cards ready to go.]

6 |   PLAN DATE NIGHTS  [now is the time to get in as many date nights as you can before you have a new baby that will be on a tight feeding schedule and it's harder to have alone time.  Sometimes with two kids it feels like two people passing off parenting duties to each other whenever you see each other so it's so important to have those date nights where you re-connect as a couple and give each other those undivided moments where you aren't distracted by anyone or anything else.  My friend also gave me the good advice of scheduling your date nights now for after the baby is born so that you will keep them up because sometimes it takes someone else to force you out of the house and if you already have a babysitter lined up then you won't have an excuse.  And if you are able to - take a little baby moon getaway as a last hurrah before you are consumed with a precious new baby.]

7 |   MAKE SPACE FOR BABY [whether you have a full nursery you are putting together for your baby or a shared space somewhere, figure out an area that is dedicated to the baby to sleep and set up their bed with the essentials they need - like diapers, wipes, diaper cream, swaddle blankets, clothes, mittens, hats, pacifiers, bath essentials, and nursing area for you.  It's nice to have your nursing pillow, nipple cream, burp cloth and nursing pads together by your rocking chair or bed where you will mainly be nursing the baby.]

8 |   PACK HOSPITAL BAG  [it seems soon for me to start packing my hospital bag, but once you are past 37 weeks it really is possible for the baby to come anytime so it's best to be prepared for that.  I like to pack a separate bag for me with a robe, nursing top, and coming home outfit then pack a diaper bag with everything for the baby like some swaddle blankets, beanie and an outfit to come home in.  It's also nice to bring some little personal touches you might not think of like a banner or sign to hang in your room when the baby is born, a diffuser with essential oils to sleep at night, and calm music to play during labor.  You can also bring an iPad or laptop to watch any shows with some down time you might have and your journal to write in after the birth.  And don't forget to have the carseat ready with a cover for your car.]

9 |   STOCK YOUR FREEZER AND PANTRY  [I've had this urge to organize my pantry before this baby comes and I think part of it is making sure that we have everything filled and stocked for people staying at our house with the kids.  I also want to try out some freezer meals that I can have ready to go for when the baby arrives and I have zero time to make dinner.  And I would highly recommend ordering groceries online where you can pick them up in your car or get amazon fresh delivered to your door.  Anything to make your life easier as you transition to being home with a new baby is a good idea and if your sweet friends or neighbors offer to bring a meal to your family then take them up on it with open arms.  Such a sweet act of service!]    

10 |   RELAX AND ENJOY YOUR FAMILY TIME [since this is my third baby, it's a little different than the first one where you want to soak up as much alone time as you can.  But since we have two other children who are young and need lots of attention, I want to make sure we plan fun dates with them and make them feel loved as we welcome a new member to our family that is going to take up a lot of my time.  I plan on getting them gifts to have at the hospital from the new baby because I did that when Liam was born and Capri still remembers him giving her that first gift that she loved.]

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