Be a Beach Bum with Sun Bum

Since we live right by the beach and go every week, I always have to have lots of sunscreen on hand.  Even for those days that seem cloudy and it doesn't feel very warm, I always get way more sun than I thought!  I'm pretty picky about my sunscreen though because I don't want anything oily or that will clog my pores and make my skin feel greasy.  I love Sun Bum because not only does it smell AMAZING [like a tropical vacation] and I'm a sucker for their cute packaging, but they feel great on your skin.  They carry every number of SPF and even baby sunscreen too, plus you can get after sun products too like aloe spray and after-sun lotion.  I love that they have everything you need, all in one place.  So be a beach bum with me and give Sun Bum a try, I think you'll love it too.

sunscreen - sun bum c/o | tray - pottery barn | blanket - mexico [similar] | swimsuit - jcrew | coverup - jcrew [also like this one] | scarf - jcrew | sunglasses - karen walker | lips - maybelline neon red | nails - sally hansen miracle gel | top coat