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Acai Bowl Heaven

If you hang around me then you know I am pretty obsessed with acai bowls and we love going to get them as a family.  Every weekend we go on a bike ride along the beach and get our acai fix at Paradise Bowls in Manhattan Beach, but I could seriously eat one everyday.  So I was really excited to try and make these on my own and I was so surprised at how great they turned out!  They taste just as good as our favorite spot, plus it's even better at home because you can add as much different fruit as you want on top.  All of the ingredients can easily be found at your local grocery store, except for the acai packets.  I had to hunt those down and the only place I found them was at Whole Foods so I would just go straight there and buy them.  We love the Sambazon ones.  Hope you enjoy these delicious bowls as much as us!  They make the perfect summer breakfast that is really easy to make and good for you too.

classic acai bowl recipe


makes 1 large bowl


1 Acai smoothie Pack [we use the Sambazon brand]

1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk

1 banana 

3/4 cup frozen berry mix



sliced bananas

sliced strawberries

sliced kiwi

blueberries [frozen or fresh]

granola [we use Bare Naked granola that has 10g of protein in it]

coconut chips

you can also add honey on top if you want it even sweeter and chia seeds are another option


Run smoothie packet under hot water for 5 second then cut it open and put it into your blender.  Add the almond milk, banana, and berries to the blender and mix up all the smoothie ingredients until everything is combined but keep it thick.  Pour the smoothie mixture into a bowl then add cut up fruit on top and granola, coconut chips, or chia seeds if desired.  You can also drizzle with honey.  Enjoy!!

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