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Turkey Sandwich and Trader Joe's Favorites

Turkey Sandwich and Trader Joe's Favorites


In trying to eat healthier and more meals at home these days, this sandwich has been my current obsession.  We love Dave's Killer Bread at our house and since it's packed full of so many good things for you, I don't mind making a sandwich with it and all of these ingredients are easily stocked in your fridge, making it easy to put together.  But there is one exception, the beet hummus.  I just discovered it at Trader Joe's and it's my new favorite thing.  I spread a layer of it on the bread with some of their feta herb spread and it really is amazing.  If you have never tried it then hurry on up and get some because you will love it too.  I put all of the ingredients below in the order that I assemble the sandwich so you can try it out, but get ready to hold on tight because it is a packed full sandwich that gets a little messy to hang on to.  And I couldn't help but include all of my Trader Joe's favorite tried and true items because you need to get a few of them to make this sandwich extra special.  Hope you enjoy!

Turkey Sandwich

2 Slices of Dave's Killer Bread

Trader Joe's Beet Hummus Spread

Trader Joe's Feta Cheese Herb Spread

3 Slices of Applegate Turkey

Thinly Sliced Red Onion

3 Slices of Tomato

4 Slices of Cucumber

Salt & Pepper to taste

Handful of Fresh Spinach

Handful of Sprouts or Garden Herbs

Spread Smashed Avocado slices mixed with seasoning [garlic & onion salt]

Pour Trader Joe's Cranberry, Walnut, & Gorgonzola Salad Dressing on top of Spinach to taste

Favorites at Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's Favorites

organic fruit wraps [my little girl is obsessed with these and always has to pick some out when we are there so they come in handy in the car or to stick some on the diaper bag for a treat]

pita chips [these are the best flavor and perfect for dipping in hummus]

organic arugula [I love pretty much all of their produce and greens because it's so fresh and this arugula makes such good salads or on top of pizza with their balsamic glaze]

chicken sausage [these are so great to have on hand because kids love them and they are easy to heat up on the microwave or stove.  Pair them with rice and veggies for a teriyaki bowl or with any veggie and pasta for a quick meal.  also great for bonfires on the beach]

dark chocolate peanut butter cups [any treat from here is amazing but these are such a good twist with the dark chocolate and cure any afternoon craving for something sweet]

roasted seaweed snack [a great healthy snack to have on hand and the smaller package size makes them easy to take on-the-go and a great alternative to chips]

greek honey yogurt [I like all of the different flavors of greek yogurt and they make a great breakfast paired with granola and fresh fruit or you can use it to substitute in recipes instead of mayonnaise or sour cream]

spicy black bean dip [my husband has been in love with this dip because it's so good with eggs for breakfast burritos, quesadillas, nachos, you name it - it's amazing. we always have some on hand]

sea salt butterscotch caramels [these are the BEST little chocolate treats ever!! Just be warned you might eat the whole bag because they are that good]

candy cane joe joe's [these are the christmas take on the traditional joe joe which is a much better version of an oreo cookie.  We also love the candy cane ice cream that they make with these at christmas time.]

dark chocolate candies [these little packets that hang out conveniently by the register will knock your socks off they're so good and they make the perfect addition to any little gift while you pick of flowers for someone]

corn and chile salsa [this salsa is everyone's favorite and sometimes I also add some more ingredients to make it like my own black beach and corn salsa but this flavor makes it even better.  I think you'll love it]

creamy salted peanut butter [we cannot live without this peanut butter at our house.  It is best you will ever try and the only ingredient in it is peanut's so it's delicious.  It goes great on toast, or bananas, or apples, or with muddy buddies or just by the spoonful at night with rice cakes]

cranberry walnut and gorgonzola salad dressing [I just discovered this salad dressing and that's why I put it on this sandwich because it tastes good on any thing - well almost anything.  I love it just with spinach because it hardly needs any ingredients since it's packed full of flavor]

white cheddar corn puffs [our daughter loves these and they make a great snack when you want something to munch on.  A great party food to have around]

mini cinnamon sugar churros [these mini little churros make the cutest dessert with yummy vanilla icecream or dipped in chocolate sauce.]

organic chia seeds [these are a great buy just like any of the nuts at Trader Joes. These are so good for you and can easily be added to smoothies, yogurt, salads, or quinoa]

bbq chicken pizza [I love having some easy to make freezer meals from here at all times just in case I need something quick for kids or I run into a rush with dinner.  All of the pizzas and flatbreads I have tried are delicious, but I think you can never go wrong with bbq chicken]

mediterranean hummus [we love hummus at our house and this flavor is so good with the pine nuts in it.  It's so good with pita chips or chopped up veggies, or quesadillas]

hold the cone mini vanilla cones [these make the perfect little treat!  they are little miniature cones and my daughter thought they were the cutest things ever, plus they are so easy to whip out of your freezer all ready to go]

thai sweet chili veggie burger [I love having these around because they make a great easy dinner with fresh veggies on top or salsa and an easy side dish.  I usually don't even have a bun with them because they don't even need it]

balsamic glaze [this stuff is a game changer because it makes any pizza or flatbread so amazing.  You always need some on hand for sautéing veggies and brochette]

beet hummus [makes any sandwich so so good!  If you're a beet lover like me you will want to put this on everything]

hollandaise sauce [we always have eggs benedict for easter as a tradition but we can never make the sauce as good as Adam's dad so when we discovered that Trader Joe's had this we were so excited because it tastes really good and takes so much work out of making one of our favorite meals]

mac n cheese [for sure the best mac n cheese i've had!  The real cheese in it makes all the difference and after having this you won't want to buy your kids anything else]

fresh flowers [I probably go to Trader Joe's for fresh flowers more than anything else because they are my favorite and you can't beat the prices - even at the downtown flower market.  I love that I can always come here to get a quick flower fix when I need it]


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