bObsweep Pethair Vacuum

I've always wanted to try one of these robotic vacuum's that just magically cleans your house for you while you're away and I finally got the chance with this Bobsweep Pethair.  We've been using it the past month and it's become like our family pet, so now I think everyone needs one in their home!  I love that it works as a vacuum cleaner and a mop in one so you can get every kind of mess cleaned up.  I am constantly cleaning my wood floors up because of my 1 year old who happens to be the messiest eater around so it's great that I can just let the bobsweep do it's thing and roam around the floors picking everything up.  You can program it to go around by itself or it comes with a remote if you want to guide it yourself.  It can also easily transition from different floor surfaces like our rug in the family room which is really helpful.  The kids think it is so funny to chase it around cleaning up the floors and seeing it go back to it's little docking station to charge.  I am pretty amazed at how Bob can learn how to get around your house after a few tries and readjusts it's path to make it easier, and the kids just think it's pretty cool to have a robot in the house.  The bobsweep pet hair would make a great Christmas gift since the holidays are coming up, or you might want it before all of those holiday parties start so you don't have to constantly be cleaning your floors all the time.  I'm all about finding great products to help make your life easier.