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What's in my Beauty Bag

What's in my Beauty Bag

I'm back with a new edition of What's In My Beauty Bag and I love all of these items, especially my new favorite lipstick for fall!  This crimson color is so perfect for this time of year and I feel like it makes enough of a statement that you just need natural minimal makeup on the rest of your face.  I also met with some friends at Bobbi Brown this last week and loved some new products that they used on my face.  One of them that is a real favorite is the Intensive Skin Supplement oil that goes on after your face moisturizer.  I'm really excited to keep using it because I've already noticed great results.  So check out the goodies below and pick up some new items for your fall beauty bag.

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1 |   MAKEUP BAG - I love this pattern for the fall and all of the Ted Baker bags are made so well, they last great.

2 |   FOUNDATION STICK - this stick is one of my favorite beauty products ever, it is perfect to touch up any blemishes or discoloration on your face and blends in so smooth it also acts like a foundation.

3 |   CRIMSON LIPSTICK - I love the bobbi brown lipstick because of the strong pigment in them and this color is so great for fall.  I love the dark contrast with natural face makeup.

4 |   BB CREAM FOUNDATION - this is my new find and it is really living up to all the amazing things I heard about it.  I love that it has spf in it and feels like a lotion because it is not as full coverage as a liquid foundation, but looks more natural.  It is great for everyday on-th-go makeup.

5 |   INTENSIVE SKIN SERUM - this serum feels amazing on your face and has so many great ingredients that are so good for your skin.  it helps to keep your skin moisturized which is so good after the harsh summer sun.

6 |   ILLUMINATING POWDER - this mixed palette powder is a new discovery as well and I really like it.  The color blends so great and adds an extra glow to your skin that a lot of powders lack.

7 |   SELF-TANNING SPRAY - I have totally been nervous about getting too much sun as I'm getting older so I think using a self-tanner is the best way to get a golden glow when you want some extra color and I really like this one.  It feels light on your skin and has a natural color without any sort of orange coloring.  

8 |   SEAMLESS BUFFING BRUSH - this brush has been on my favorites before because it is so great and I love how perfectly it blends the blemish remedy foundation.

9 |   BLEMISH REMEDY FOUNDATION - this powder has also been on my favorites before and I just always have to have it on hand because it works amazing.  it give the perfect amount of coverage that you need without looking too heavy on your face.

10 |  FACIAL CLEANSING WIPES - these are something that I have used forever and will always be a staple in my makeup bag.  I always remove my makeup at night before going to bed and these help to make sure you get everything off without getting it on your bath towels.  They are also convenient when removing lip color or reapplying makeup.

11 |  STATEMENT EARRINGS - love these new beauties for fall because the colors are gorgeous and what better thing to accent your beautiful new makeup then with some gorgeous bling.  they will dress up any look. 

12 |  CHANEL CHANCE PERFUME - this is one of my favorite perfumes that I feel like is such a classic scent everyone likes.  It is a perfect combo of being a little sweet without being too strong.

13 |  MAKEUP BRUSH SET - I have been wanting to try out this style of makeup brushes for awhile now so I was so excited when I got these ones.  They really blend your makeup smoothly into your skin and I love having all the different sizes of brushes to get around your eyes or other hard areas.  

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