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What's in my Beauty Bag

What's in my Beauty Bag

With the start of a new month I have my new edition of What’s In My Beauty Bag and it’s all geared towards this fall and what I am currently loving. Most of these have been in my beauty routine for awhile now and a couple like this new rich lip tone are new just for this time of year. I tell you about each item below and why they are my recommendations! Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.


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1 | Nighttime repair serum - I became hooked on this serum last year and have had to replace my bottle since because it’s so good to use every night. I was a skeptic about serums before because I thought the oil wouldn’t be good on my skin but they are amazing and I think they are an essential anti-aging product to have.

2 | Microneedling tool - Since this became all the rage a year or so ago, I became so intrigued with having a tool that could do this at home because I have wanted to get it done from a skin specialist. So I finally got one and have been using it about once a week and love the results. It feels weird at first when you are getting used to it, but I think it’s amazing for keeping your face full of that youthful glow by restoring your skins volume. Your skincare products will be 200 times more effective if you use this before applying them which is incredible!

3 | Brown lip color - I love a darker lip for the fall and winter and I think this shade of brown is so pretty. It’s the perfect because it’s not too dark and looks beautiful with dark brows, minimal eye makeup, bronzed cheeks and goes with all the fall tones in your wardrobe.

4 | Hair clips - I always use clips in my hair to pull it back whenever I’m brushing my teeth, washing my face in the morning and night and when I’m curling or straightening it to keep the different sections away. I loved these clips right when I saw them because not only are they pretty but they are so sturdy and won’t break! I’ve dropped so many plastic clips that have been chipped and then they won’t hold your hair good. It’s also nice to keep one in your diaper bag when it’s hot and you need your hair up or when you’re feeding your baby and need it out of the way.

5 | Brow pencil - I have been using this brow pencil forever and I know you’ve heard me recommend it before but it’s my favorite and with bold brows being so popular right now, it’s essential to have a good tool to fill those in. I think a nice full brow completely changes your face and makes me feel like I look a whole lot better.

6 | Face sunscreen - I am hooked to every Dermalogica product, but this face sunscreen is a must-have! I know how essential it is to wear sunscreen everyday and especially on your face so I make sure to wear this under my makeup everyday before I put on primer. It feels great and doesn’t leave your skin oily at all.

7 | Hair bow - With bows being such a hot trend right now, I think this hair tie is perfect. It makes any pony tail or half-up hair look so cute and complete your look.

8 | Cosmetic Case - This marble case is so gorgeous and the gold detail is amazing. I always need a case to keep everything in while traveling or even getting ready at the gym, but sometimes they get worn out easily so it’s nice to have a fresh new one that keeps everything clean. This would make a great gift for the holidays.

9 | Rose quartz roller ball - This little tool is the latest and greatest in skincare and there’s a reason why everyone loves it so much. First off, it feels amazing on your face - just like getting a mini massage on your face at night and second of all, it’s been used for centuries to get smooth youthful looking skin so it’s not something people are just trying out for the first time. It helps to boost natural collagen in your face and help maintain healthy blood circulation and skin tone, tighten pores, plus helps reduce puffiness and wrinkles. Sign me up for that!

10 | Statement earrings - I love that earrings have become the statement piece and these are some of the most gorgeous ones I’ve seen!! They would look amazing with your hair down or slicked back in a chic look for the holidays.

11 | Leopard bandana - I love the bandana trend because it’s the perfect accessory to any outfit and I think this leopard print is perfect for this season. It looks cute around your neck, tied up in your hair, or even on your purse.

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