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Refresh your home: 9 easy steps

Refresh your home: 9 easy steps

January can seem a bit dull after you take down all of the holiday decorations and then you are left wondering how to decorate at all for this time of year.  The good news is that it's easy to refresh your home with just nine simple steps and it doesn't take much - all of these are very affordable.  

First, get yourself some new throw pillows.  This is my favorite accessory item because it's so easy to transform a room by new pillows and it's fun to switch them out with the seasons.  A good tip to remember is to buy new pillow covers in the same size as pillows you already have so that you can reuse all your pillow inserts.  Shades of blue are really popular right now and I like them because it has a calming affect that we want for a new year.

Second, replace your old hand soap in the kitchen and bathroom for something pretty that everyone will love to look at.  Don't settle for just the generic brand at the grocery store.  Get something pretty on a caddy that comes with a hand lotion as well and everyone will be commenting on how much they love it.

Third, add some affordable new art to your home with photos and small prints in these beautiful frames that are really great because they already have matting inside them.

Fourth, restock your linen closet with fresh towels and go for a white color because then they will go with every bathroom.  Right now is a great time to buy bath linens because lots of stores have sells this time of year.  And if you want to make them extra pretty, go with a monogram because it's never a bad idea.

Fifth, pick up this candle or maybe two or three because it is my all time favorite and I have at least one in my house at all times.  The smell is so good and it's the first thing people notice when they walk into your place so you want to make it inviting.

Sixth, switch out your rugs in your house or add some new small ones.  These are so cute and affordable and they easily add some design to a space.  If you have to pick one area, go for your entry or kitchen because those two tend to get the most traffic and traffic means dirty floors so we want to cover them up with something pretty.

Seventh, throw out your old dish towels that are stained and gross and hang up some cute ones in your kitchen where they will be seen.  Such a quick way to add a little flair in the kitchen.

Eighth goes along with the fourth one so while you're at it restocking your bath linens, pick up a couple decorative towels that can be on display in your bathroom and don't have to get used everyday so that you always have your bathroom looking put together with fresh pretty towels.

Ninth, get some decorative baskets or linen totes that you can use to store toys, shoes, or whatever you need to clean up and de-clutter your home.  The great part is that they look good out in the room where people can see them and it makes for an easy clean-up for you.  This is a much better idea than clear bins where you can see the mess inside;)  Now go get busy refreshing your home and enjoy having a fresh start.

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