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Layered Rugs

Layered Rugs

Rugs are a really important part of a room, and a lot of times, people treat them as an after thought when actually they should be one of the very first things they pick out for a room.  It's a lot easier to match the the room to the color palette you found in a perfect rug, then trying to hunt down a rug to go with your already designed space.  Rugs are so important because they define a room, so what's better than one rug?  A few!  I am loving the layered rug look lately and there is definitely an art to it, so today I'm going to share a few tricks of the trade.

layering rugs

A good place to start out when layering rugs is a large natural sisal or jute rug for your base and then you can layer a decorative piece on top of that with some more pattern and color, but the sisal will give some good texture.  I also like the look of the animal hides layered on top because they look so great in every type of room.  Also make sure the base rug is large enough for your space.  People don't often realize how big of a rug they need for a space, but you want to be able to fit all of your furniture in the setting on the rug comfortably and then you can layer with a smaller rug on top that is about 1-2 sizes down from the large rug.  Choose rugs that compliment each other with the same color scheme but aren't matchy-matchy.  The point is to bring in different patterns and textures like you would in throw pillows on a sofa.  There are so many gorgeous rugs out there so have fun gathering up some different designs and add a fresh new look to your room by layering your rugs.


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