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Spring Clean Your Closet

Spring Clean Your Closet

With the arrival of spring comes the big task of spring cleaning and the fresh start of something new.  Even though I dread the daily chores sometimes, I kind of love de-cluttering and getting rid of things and having a sparkly clean place.  I thought a perfect place to start would be in the closet because you need to make room for your spring and summer wardrobe, right?  Getting rid of clothes I no longer wear and shedding pieces that only take up space is one of my favorite things.  It gives such a great feeling of success when you de-clutter your life.  I love walk-in closets, but we can't always have this luxury all of the time.  So the good thing is you can still make the most out of a smaller space by using a few eye appealing tips.


| Start with all new hangers |  

Pick one style to go with whether its all wood, or velvet, or a matching plastic color - pick one style of hanger and make every one in your closet match.  This will create consistency and organization not to mention make it pretty.  And throw away all the old ones.

| Organize your closet into zones |  

This can be done by what type of item it is, by season, or by color just group things together that make it easy to find and put them away.  If you need more organizing space to keep things grouped separately, buy some boxes or plastic containers that match and fold items neatly into these so you can easily see what is stacked in each container.  You can even get crazy with a label maker if you really want to get detailed.

| Add a little beauty to the space |

If you are a shoe collector and have some gorgeous heels you want to show off, arrange those front and center in the closet so you see them all lined up pretty first thing when you open your closet.  If purses are your thing then showcase those beauties off on the top shelves.  I also love the idea of lining the back wall of your closet in wallpaper as well to add some design to a typically all white space.  You can also put your jewelry in trays and perfumes on cake stands to create a little center piece on a shelf or have a clothes horse to dress up with your current outfit obsessions.  And remember, the beauty is truly in the details of any room, even a room often forgotten like your closet.

photos via powell & bonnell

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